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Eco-Friendly Comfort in the Woods of Strafford Recently, a customer approached East Coast HVAC hoping to find an affordable and energy efficient way to heat and cool their home in the woods of Strafford, New Hampshire. East Coast proposed an eco-friendly electric heat pump solution that will both save money and keep them comfortable year … Read more

When our loyal customer, Jaime, needed to upgrade his heating and cooling systems he turned to our team of comfort specialists to work on the perfect solution for his 1998 4 bedroom, 3 floor colonial home in Barrington, New Hampshire. We installed a 7 unit Mitsubishi electric ductless system to tackle all of Jaime’s heating … Read more

A lot of our customers frequently ask us for quick and easy DIY tips to maintain their cooling or heating systems in preparation for summer and winter. In the video below, Pete talks about three quick tips to make sure your cooling system is working properly and efficiently for hot summer days! Bonus Tip: Save … Read more

Get up to a $500 VISA Gift Card* when you purchase and install a new Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Air Conditioning system. And take advantage of great state rebates and financing! Summer’s coming, ACT NOW! *The following is a transcription of the video.  Happy Spring! Hope you’ve been out there enjoying some of the sunshine. We’re getting excited … Read more

Does East Coast HVAC offer financing? Less than a year ago, when a customer would call asking if we offered financing, the general answer was “no.” Although we had participated in some manufacturer’s financing programs, and had even offered some in-house payment options on the rare occasion, we had no way to offer our customers … Read more

What Homeowners Should Know Before Installing New HVAC Equipment From installation to maintenance & service plans, you can count on us every step of the way when it comes to your HVAC equipment. And now, with our new Energy $avings Agreement (ESA) we’re proud to offer our customers a smarter solution for their home heating … Read more

Summer IS Coming! Don’t let anything interfere with your comfort this summer. Now offering free remote quotes via video chat, phone call or text message. Financing is available. And, now through May 15th, 2020 you can get up to a $500 VISA Gift Card with any Mitsubishi Electric system purchase. These systems are a great … Read more

Conventional Systems vs. Mitsubishi Inverter Heat Pump Systems In the HVAC industry, we are asked a plethora of difficult questions, such as: Why did this part fail? How much is this going to cost? How much money will I save? When will it pay itself back? And, which system is best for my home? With … Read more

Heating & Cooling Your Home with Mitsubishi Electric Today we’re at a job site. It’s a residential install in Newmarket, NH. This customer contacted us because they were primarily interested in air conditioning. They had always been using window units in the past. They were sick of lugging them up and down. They were sick … Read more

How To Heat A Historic Mill Building with Mitsubishi Electric Systems Hey everybody, it’s Pete Robitaille with East Coast HVAC. Today I’m in downtown Dover, NH at the historic Washington Street Mill. And this is a property that we’ve been taking care of for a long time for Chinburg Builders. Most of the property is … Read more