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What Homeowners Should Know Before Installing New HVAC Equipment

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Video Transcription

“Hey everybody, it’s Pete from East Coast HVAC. We had a situation come up today that I wanted to speak on for a second because it happens from time to time and it’s something that I think consumers and people purchasing air conditioning equipment or really any sort of equipment need to be aware of and look out for.

Basically, we had a customer call us, they have a Mitsubishi system that has an issue with it and it was installed in 2017 and they’re having some sort of problem where either part or all of the system isn’t working properly and it turns out that basically the person that installed this in 2017, so whatever three years ago, does not service Mitsubishi equipment.

I thought about that for a second and I thought, how do you install something that you don’t service? How do you offer something to a customer that you can’t even fix if it breaks? Do you just install it and then walk away? It just doesn’t fit our motto and it doesn’t make any sense to me.

So people are looking around and trying to figure out who to purchase equipment from, whether it’s a refrigerator or in this case Air conditioning equipment. When you’re comparing what business to purchase something from I think people underestimate or devalue how important it is to make sure that whoever you’re buying it from is actually capable of helping you if something goes wrong. So every company, every mechanical piece of equipment has a chance of malfunctioning or something going wrong or something happening, and it’s really important that the person installing it is actually able to fix it.

That’s one of the things we take a lot of pride in, with anything we install, is if and when a customer ever has some sort of an issue whether it’s something completely random or it was a mistake that we made, we’re right there, we’re able to service it, we’re willing to service it and we like to backup what we install whether it’s installed a year prior, two years prior, five years prior, and so on.

We want to be installing products that we are capable of fixing and helping our customers with instead of installing it and running away and basically saying you know sorry we don’t service that. So as people are shopping and getting different prices on these things, our tagline ‘Pay Fairly’ does not necessarily mean that we are going to be the least expensive quote, in fact we will basically never be the least expensive quote because we have the organization, and we have the infrastructure in our business to support installation and service but that infrastructure and that organization is what creates that long term viability and a long term relationship for our customers to be able to trust us so that if they do have some sort of an issue we will be there and aren’t just going to say sorry we install it but we don’t service it.

Anyway, be thinking about that as you’re making buying decisions whether it’s from us or another company, make sure that whoever is installing your hvac equipment is capable of servicing it and willing to service it for you so that you aren’t left without air conditioning or whatever type of appliance it is that you’re purchasing. So, best of luck everybody! See you later.”

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