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What is a boiler, anyway? In contrast to a furnace, many New England homes rely on  forced hot water heating systems, known as boilers, to provide reliable heat.

A boiler is a system that uses water instead of air to heat your home, also known as a forced hot water system. These systems circulate hot water throughout your house using baseboard radiant loops in zones. Corresponding thermostats are placed in different rooms to allow you to control the temperature in each zone.

Call the pros at East Coast HVAC to diagnose your problem if you notice: Strange noises or sounds coming from your boiler, any leaks around the boiler, not enough heat coming through the baseboards, no heat in a particular zone, or if your boiler is turning on and off quickly. We’ll provide a clear explanation of what’s happening, and what is needed to fix it.

While boiler issues can be hard to spot for homeowners, our certified heating and cooling technicians are trained in all aspects of boiler repair. There are usually two main types of problem areas that require boiler repair:

Hydronic: Failures with this part of a boiler system can result in leaks, a failed circulator pump or zone valve, a failed expansion tank, a failed air elimination device, or zone control issues.

Ignition: Problems on the ignition side of things can be caused by a broken ignitor, flame sensor failure, burner issues, or a failed gas valve. The safest way to ensure you won’t be without essential heat during the cold winter months is to enroll in our preventative maintenance program. Regular system maintenance allows us to spot issues before they arise, so you’re never left in the cold. Plus, as a regular customer of East Coast, you’ll receive 24/7 emergency care if anything should occur so we can take care of you right away and keep you and your family safe and warm.

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East Coast is proud to be a trusted heating, cooling, and electrical resource for homeowners all across the New Hampshire seacoast and southern Maine. When you turn to us, you get expert service from licensed HVAC technicians and professional electricians at a fair price – every time. For nearly four decades, families have relied on our dedication to total customer satisfaction. How can we be of service to you, today?

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FAQs: Boiler Repair Services

As a homeowner, it is generally OK to reset a malfunctioning boiler once. If the system goes back into an error or lockout mode, do not continue resetting the system, as it could cause damage to the boiler or could create a dangerous situation. Please call us for service, if your system needs to be reset more than one time.

Our recommendation is that furnaces of all styles should be serviced on an annual basis, regardless of fuel type.

Depending on the age of your system, our technicians will make their best professional recommendation on whether you should invest more money into an old furnace. Many times, with increased efficiency and rebates available, it makes most sense to replace a system that is already past or close to its life expectancy.

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