As we head towards the Holiday Season, my personal excitement grows in anticipation of Christmas with my growing family, and my professional excitement grows in anticipation of yet another Naughty or Nice Holiday Giveaway! This will be the third season in a row that we reach out to the Seacoast for help in selecting a … Read more

Ductless “Floor Mount” Unit Solves Wall Space Issue! Problem: This newly constructed home was built with inefficient baseboard heaters, which the new owner removed, in search of something more efficient and effective. Since the first-floor areas have so many windows and limited high-wall space, a Mitsubishi Electric KJ-Series floor unit was the perfect selection for … Read more

What is a Kumo Cloud Adapter? Kumo Cloud is an app that connects you to your Mitsubishi HVAC system via your smartphone or tablet for remote control and monitoring of every zone in your home. You can do all kinds of cool stuff with the Kumo app. The most basic of which is adjusting the … Read more

Historic Barn Space Conditioned With Hyper Heat Ductless Problem: Storage areas for clothing in this home/business operation were getting too humid during the summer and very cold during the winter. Solution: Single-zone hyper-heat system for year-round comfort! This couple operates a clothing business out of a historic barn at their beautiful property in NH. As … Read more

Four Comfort Zones in Beautiful Eliot, ME Problem: Homeowner had four areas in need of cooling, and no room for bulky conventional duct work. Solution: What a beauty this home is! The Master Bedroom, Office, Bonus Room, and First Floor Living areas now each have their own ductless indoor air handler, meaning that the rooms … Read more

Resistance Heat vs. Heat Pump It is a common misconception that any electric heat is inefficient…This is definitely NOT the case when utilizing a heat pump in your home or business. This post aims to spread a basic understanding of the differences between resistance heat and heat pumps. One of the most frequent questions we … Read more

Barrington Ranch Gains the Summer Comfort of Mitsubishi Electric Problem: The homeowner at this beautiful home in Barrington enjoys A/C in the summer, but was becoming too old to lug window air conditioners around the house every spring and fall. Solution: Dual-zone Mitsubishi Electric heat pump and cooling system. Like many homeowners both young and … Read more

Last Fall, we launched the first annual Naughty or Nice Giveaway, helping one lucky homeowner walk away with a fully installed, single-zone Mitsubishi Electric Ductless heating & cooling system, valued at approximately $4,500! These heating and cooling systems are extremely efficient, customizable, and have a ductless split design – This allows us to install them in … Read more

Are ductless mini-splits good for heating as well as cooling? At a recent meeting with a developer and his General Contractor, I was faced with a situation where I proposed the use of Mitsubishi Electric’s heating and cooling systems as a solution for renovation of a historic Seacoast NH building consisting of six apartments.  Conventional … Read more

Our NH mini-split customers are frequently surprised at how quietly their newly installed ductless systems operate! One of our favorite moments in a ductless system install is when the homeowner finally gets to hear and feel the system operate!  Most homeowners are blown away by how quietly the systems operate, both from an indoor AND an … Read more