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Heating & Cooling Your Home with Mitsubishi Electric

Today we’re at a job site. It’s a residential install in Newmarket, NH. This customer contacted us because they were primarily interested in air conditioning. They had always been using window units in the past. They were sick of lugging them up and down. They were sick of the noise and the smelliness of those units, so they decided they wanted to look into a different solution.

They found out after we started working with them that we could actually provide not only cooling, but heat as well, and we did so with a combination of ductless and ducted units. On every one of our installs, we try and keep the outside of the home as neat and clean as possible and in this situation, we had to connect the outdoor unit to an indoor unit that was in the back corner of this house. Instead of running lines across the exterior of the home, we popped into the basement, ran the lines that way, and then came back outside here where the indoor unit is. Again, just to keep things as neat and clean as possible for the customer.

The indoor unit that sits here in the den actually serves multiple purposes. One is for heating and cooling of this room in particular, but we actually positioned it in a way that the airflow from this unit pushes through the dining room, through the kitchen, and works its way back here in a circle.

Through the summer, they’ve been using this system to cool the kitchen and dining room area adequately even though the unit isn’t in those areas.

Sunrooms almost always present a challenge in the heating and cooling seasons, mostly due to all the glass. Usually the rooms have a lot of windows, sliding doors, and skylights. It was really important to us and the family to keep this room as comfortable as possible in all seasons, so we went with the dedicated ductless unit so they could set their temperatures exactly where they want it, no matter what time of year.

The two upstairs bedrooms in this house are relatively small, so I was concerned that we would be oversizing the system if each bedroom had its own wall-hung unit like you saw downstairs. So as a solution, we put a ducted unit in the attic and we dropped the register into each of these bedrooms and the bathroom. A wall control in the hallway allows them to keep the temperature of these rooms consistent.

This homeowner spends a lot of time in the lofted area of his master bedroom. It doubles as a home office for him, and naturally, a lot of the hot air in the summer rises up here and made him really uncomfortable. So we installed the ductless unit up here that was going to cool this space for his office and would also cascade air down into the main level of the master bedroom, and its worked great all summer.

Overall, this installation fits our Cleaner. Cheaper. Healthier Air. messaging. It’s cleaner and cheaper to run due to reduction in fossil fuel use and its healthier because of the air filtration systems involved with Mitsubishi HVAC.

If you’re interested in a Mitsubishi HVAC solution for your home, please contact us today.

We look forward to working with you.