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How To Heat A Historic Mill Building with Mitsubishi Electric Systems

Hey everybody, it’s Pete Robitaille with East Coast HVAC. Today I’m in downtown Dover, NH at the historic Washington Street Mill. And this is a property that we’ve been taking care of for a long time for Chinburg Builders. Most of the property is commercial units, and more recently, Chinburg took the third, fourth, and fifth floors of the back annex and converted it into 55 apartments.

We decided to go with a Mitsubishi Heat Pump system, specifically the M-Series Hyper Heat package.

We’ve now had tenants in these apartments for two winters and we haven’t had any issues with heating capacity with the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Pumps. Let’s take a walk inside and see some of the spaces.

We’re on the fifth floor of the Washington Street Mill. This is called the annex area, which is where all the apartments are. Now obviously during the construction process, none of this drywall was here and all of our lines that connect the interior to the exterior components for the Mitsubishi system, they all run up in these walls and they get up to the roof, which is where all the condensers are.

Each of the apartments here at Washington Street has their own Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system. So that consists of an outdoor component, and an indoor air-handler hung on the wall. Some of the larger apartments have multiple bedrooms, so they actually require multiple indoor units. That means that each bedroom would have its own control for heating and cooling.

This apartment in particular has an uncapped bedroom, which allowed us to use a single indoor unit to cover the entire apartment. The Mitsubishi FH heads that we’ve selected have multiple vanes, which direct the airflows and make sure there was plenty of coverage for heating and cooling.

The tenants here at Washington Street Mill have access to two common areas. One is this club room that we’re in now and next door there’s a fitness center. And each of these areas is treated by its own indoor ductless head.

Like we did here, most of our outdoor units are kept on the roofs our multi-residential projects. As you can see, most of these units are up off the ground, which is important for snow load. Since these units are used for heating, you want to make sure to keep a heat pump up out of the snow so it can perform really well during the winter.

Thanks for checking out another one of our installations that utilized Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems. This one, in particular, is another great example of a multi-residential project where the builder saved a bunch of money upfront by going with a simplified system when compared to conventional.

If you have any questions whatsoever about Mitsubishi Electric and how it might fit in your home or office, please give us a call.