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Hot Water Heater Repair Services in Seacoast NH and Southern Maine.

Home Hot Water Heater Repair

Being without hot water is no fun! And sometimes, it can turn into a real disaster. We depend on hot water for everything from cleaning our clothes, dishes, and homes, to washing our hands and bathing. If you’re noticing any leaking around your hot water heater, a strange smell coming from your hot water source, or you are just not getting enough hot water – it’s time to get it checked.

Our certified technicians will come to your home and look into what is causing your hot water heater to fail. We’ll let you know if your system can be repaired and what would be involved.

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Hot Water Heaters We Repair

Conventional hot water heater systems

Tankless/on-demand hot water heater

Heat pump hot water heater systems

Gas hot water heater systems

Oil hot water heater systems

Tell Tale Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Repair

Water is too hot or too cold

Water smells odd

Noticing sediment, rust or other debris coming from your faucets

Leaking water from the unit or surrounding area

Regular maintenance helps prevent issues that can occur and cause failure. Here are some of the things we do when maintaining your hot water heater on a regular basis:

Burner service for gas hot water systems

Burner service for oil hot water systems

Drain and flush the tank to remove any sediment or debris

Inspect for corrosion

Perform routine checks

Maximize the life of your hot water heater

As the seacoast’s most trusted local, family-owned HVAC company, you can rely on us to honestly inform you of your options, and provide a fair price every time, on every service.

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Experience You Can Count On

East Coast is proud to be a trusted heating, cooling, and electrical resource for homeowners all across the New Hampshire seacoast and southern Maine. When you turn to us, you get expert service from licensed HVAC technicians and professional electricians at a fair price – every time. For nearly four decades, families have relied on our dedication to total customer satisfaction. How can we be of service to you, today?

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FAQs: Hot Water Heater Repair Services

Most systems have a hot water mixing valve, which is a simple way to increase or decrease the temperature of your hot water. Never increase your hot water to a level where it could scald or harm those using it! If you are unsure, please give us a call, so that one of our technicians can visit your home and help with these adjustments.

Some hot water systems, especially tankless coils, tend to become inconsistent (hot/cold) as they age. For example, the beginning of your shower is hot, then becomes colder, then goes back to hot. If this is happening in your home, it is time to consider replacing your hot water heater or tankless coil.

Most hot water heaters are expected to last between seven to ten years, depending on water quality, style of water heater, and amount of use.

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