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Does East Coast HVAC offer financing?

Less than a year ago, when a customer would call asking if we offered financing, the general answer was “no.” Although we had participated in some manufacturer’s financing programs, and had even offered some in-house payment options on the rare occasion, we had no way to offer our customers a fair, monthly payment option on large repairs or retrofit installation projects. I must admit that this lack of offering was my fault entirely, based mostly on a limiting belief that financing programs were complicated to administer, and costly to the end consumer. Additionally, our retrofit department had been booming for years, without financing offers – Why start offering our residential HVAC customers financing now?

Synchrony Financing

Enter Synchrony Financial. East Coast and Synchrony originally teamed up through Mitsubishi Electric, at a Diamond Contractor conference in Indianapolis. I loved the idea of offering monthly payments, but shared my hesitation about the process and the associated costs. The Synchrony Team assured me that the process could be simple and streamlined, and that my vendor relationships would significantly reduce the end cost of the financing programs, so I decided to give it another look. After one summer utilizing the program, here are some notes to share:

  • The Synchrony Financing program has verified over $300,000 in approvals to our current and prospective customers.
  • Terms have ranged from 18-Months to 7-Years.
  • Payments (single-zone cooling) have been as low as $60/month.
  • NONE of our customer’s applications for financing have been denied, nor reduced in dollar value.
  • Applications and approvals have been nearly immediate, most taking less than 10-minutes from start to finish.

Affordable Residential HVAC Financing

This summer has taught me a lot about HVAC financing, and has definitely eliminated my previous limiting beliefs. I wish we had started working with Synchrony sooner!

If you’re ready to relieve stress and update your tired heating and HVAC systems, without the substantial costs up front contact us today to get started!