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Stunning Colonial Cool This Summer

Problem: Gorgeous home, but uncomfortable at times during the summer & winter.

Solution: This beautiful house had it all, except for a simple and efficient way to keep the homeowners comfortable during the summer and winter! The two main areas of focus were the first-floor open-concept living/dining/kitchen areas, as well as the master suite. We got to work with a Mitsubishi solution that will keep this family perfectly comfortable year-round. This selected system even has expansion room for a future indoor head if they choose to install one later. This customer received a $500 Mitsubishi Spring Rebate, as well as $1,400 in rebate money from NH Saves! To learn how to start saving energy and money today with a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless system, click HERE.

42,000 BTU Mitsubishi MXZ Heat Pump Condenser with Branch Box.
(1) 18,000 BTU Mitsubishi FH Series wall mount
(1) 24,000 BTU Mitsubishi GL Series wall mount