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How To Get Better Air Quality

When cold and FLU symptoms whip through our homes, it often feels like there is no way around sickness being passed from person to person. I went through this recently, when my wife had a horrible cold, which was handed off to my toddler, and inevitably made its way to me. At the tail end of multiple weeks of sickness, we got lucky and were able to open up our home’s windows during an unexpected January warm spell. Almost instantly, the house somehow “felt” cleaner and more healthy, by circulating in some fresh air from the outside – I can imagine you know the feeling that I’m trying to describe!

Unfortunately, FLU and cold season generally ramps up during the Northeast winter, a time when opening up the windows to bring in outside air is generally uncomfortable and expensive! So how do we accomplish that refreshing indoor air quality (IAQ), without having to open up the windows? The answer is simple: Install a REME® HALO air purifier and immediately impact the cleanliness and health of your home’s interior environment.

The REME® Halo works by sending Hydro-Peroxide plasma out through the airstream in your ducted system, to kill off microbial contaminants along the way, both in the air and on surfaces as well. Unlike other air treatment products, this accessory is able to “reach” out into the whole home, through your duct network, meaning that every single square inch of your home’s environment will be treated and improved. On top of its ability to kill organic bad guys like bacteria, mold, and viruses, the REME® HALO also clings to odors, pet dander, and other air contaminants to drastically improve the air you and your family breathe in on a daily and nightly basis.

Here are some of the top benefits at a glance:

  • Dual ionizers to reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores).
  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses.
  • REME® reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet.
  • New zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces.
  • Easily integrated with the existing HVAC system. The unit doesn’t take away living space and operates silently.

We have already installed several of these units in 2020, and the feedback has been amazing. The best part is that the longer the unit works, the cleaner your home’s air becomes. Just imagine a significant improvement in the smells, dustiness, and pet dander floating in the air, all while preventing the spread of sickness and germs! It may seem too good to be true, but REME® HALO is the real deal. I would rate this as our top IAQ accessory to date, with the strongest return on investment possible.

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