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What is a Kumo Cloud Adapter?

Kumo Cloud is an app that connects you to your Mitsubishi HVAC system via your smartphone or tablet for remote control and monitoring of every zone in your home. You can do all kinds of cool stuff with the Kumo app. The most basic of which is adjusting the temperatures for heating or cooling from anywhere using your smartphone.

There’s also a lot more advanced features like setting up custom temperature schedules, receiving notifications when a room goes above or below a certain temperature or being reminded that it’s time to clean your air filters!

Most people still think Mitsubishi Electric systems are for air conditioning, when in reality, the Fall and Winter is the best time to install a system and take advantage of cleaner, cheaper, healthier heat! There’s no better time than today to reach out to set up a free consultation and see how these systems might benefit your home or business.

Click here to get a ton of information on all the different systems we’ve installed across the Seacoast.

We look forward to keeping you comfortable no matter the season!

*The special offer talked about in this video expires November 15th, 2019.