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The Frank Jones Brewery in Portsmouth’s developing West End is the latest in Chinburg Properties’ Mill Renovation portfolio. As part of Chinburg’s trusted “Mill Team”, we have been involved in this project from the early stages, from concept of intended HVAC systems into the recent certificate of occupancy. Made up of two buildings, the property houses residential tenants in the “Brew House” building, and a mixture of residential and commercial tenants in the “1884 House” building.

These two mill buildings represent the 10th and 11th of historic nature that we have renovated with CBI. Our scope of work generally consists of installation of entirely new HVAC systems to fit the new building use, and sometimes requires modification to existing systems when applicable. In the case of Frank Jones, these buildings had remained vacant for decades, and needed a fresh design to provide efficient heating and cooling to the occupants – Enter CSI Engineering. I worked closely with CSI during the early stages of design to come up with the right HVAC solution that would be feasible and efficient. We settled on a mix of high-efficiency gas-fired hydronic heating (radiant floors for residential tenants!) and also used ductless heat pump technology for heating and cooling. These buildings house several apartments that are conditioned entirely by Mitsubishi’s Hyper-Heat Pump systems, adding them to our growing list of cold climate heat pump installs in the Seacoast.

I am always honored to be thought of and trusted with development projects of this magnitude, and our install team gets the job done properly and on-time for Chinburg, again and again. So whether you end up living in one of these gorgeous apartments, or you stop by Oomph Salon for a styling, remember that it is East Coast keeping you comfortable!

Pete Robitaille
East Coast HVAC