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Our NH mini-split customers are frequently surprised at how quietly their newly installed ductless systems operate!

One of our favorite moments after installing a ductless cooling system in a Seacoast NH home is when the homeowner finally gets to hear and feel the system operate!  Most homeowners are blown away by how quietly the systems operate, both from an indoor AND an outdoor perspective.  I believe customers are generally surprised by how quiet these systems are because conventional air conditioning systems and window air conditioners are not quiet at all, and they set the expectation that ductless will be just as loud, which is not at all the case!  Let’s give a couple examples below…

Conventional Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit: 75dB
Comparative dB Level: Vacuum Cleaner

Window Unit Air Conditioning: 60dB
Comparative dB Level: Conversation in a Restaurant

Mitsubishi Electric Units: Between 19dB – 50dB
Comparative dB Level: Between a Whisper and a Conversation At Home

You may have noticed that I listed a range of operation with the Mitsubishi unit, which is different than the single sound level given on the conventional and window unit options.  The upper range of the Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat sound production represents times when the system is operating at full capacity and the highest fan speeds.  This could be misleading, because once temperature is established in the home, the system generally runs at only a fraction of its total capacity, idling along at a low or medium fan speed and producing around 20-30dB.  The variable speed fans that ramp up and down in a ductless solution create the most comfortable air conditioned environment, and run far more efficiently than the typical on/off fan method with window units or conventional air conditioners.

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Outside, the units are so quiet that we never have concerns about installing them around master bedrooms or within earshot of patios and decks, which has always been a concern and precaution used with conventional A/C condensers.  Many times, the homeowner wonders if the Mitsubishi electric outdoor unit is even doing anything!

If you ever want to hear (or not hear) these systems operate, feel free to stop by our office in Newington New Hampshire, which is completely heated and cooled by a variety of ductless solutions.

Pete Robitaille
East Coast HVAC