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Four Comfort Zones in Beautiful Eliot, ME

Problem: Homeowner had four areas in need of cooling, and no room for bulky conventional duct work.

Solution: What a beauty this home is! The Master Bedroom, Office, Bonus Room, and First Floor Living areas now each have their own ductless indoor air handler, meaning that the rooms can each be kept at different temperatures depending on who is using them. We are proud to have installed such an all-encompassing cooling system in a home that just was not cut out for conventional ductwork. This system is also a standard heat pump, meaning that they can heat each of these zones if needed during the shoulder seasons and on mild winter days. The homeowners received a $400 Spring Rebate incentive, as well as additional cash back from Efficiency Maine!

42,000 BTU Mitsubishi MXZ Standard Heat Pump
9,000 BTU Mitsubishi GL Series wall-hung
12,000 BTU Mitsubishi GL Series wall-hung
6,000 BTU Mitsubishi GL Series wall-hung
24,000 BTU Mitsubishi GL Series wall-hung