hyper heat pump on exterior of brentwood nh home's

Brentwood Cape Chooses Ductless for Comfort

Problem: Homeowner needed to replace ugly, noisy, inefficient through-wall A/C unit

Solution: This install was about as clean as they come! You can see in the pictures that even a wall mounted ductless unit can blend nicely into the décor of a home, and the comfort benefits for this homeowner have made it even more satisfying. Time to tear that through-wall unit out and patch up the siding! This ductless heat pump will provide shoulder-season heating as a bonus. This customer received a $250 Spring Rebate from Mitsubishi, for taking early action on their installation. If you have questions about how to implement a Mitsubishi Electric solution in your home or business, please contact us!

24,000 BTU Single-Zone Standard Heat Pump

ductless hyper-heat pump for cape home in NH
Seacoast NH home