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Passive Solar Home Gets Five Zones of Comfort Control

Problem: For years, these homeowners utilized the passive solar design of their house, along with a kerosene-fired monitor heater, and electric baseboards. In the past, they had researched ductless heat pumps, but there were no efficient low-temperature solutions at that time. Since the birth of Mitsubishi Hyper-Heating, they became interested in a more efficient way to heat the home, with several different zones and set points, since many of the rooms are vacant for much of the winter.

Solution: Two hyper-heat systems, totaling five indoor heads, provide heating and cooling to five areas of this home, each on its own controller.

The following quote from the customer provides more information on installation. “Our heat prior to this installation was a Monitor kerosene heater and a wood stove. There are electric baseboards in the house but we rarely use them. They were installed to satisfy the bank for mortgage purposes. I heated the house exclusively with a wood stove for 13 years. Then installed the monitor around 1996. I had looked at mini splits a few years ago but decided that they really wouldn’t solve the heating issue since they were not effective below 20 degrees or so. However, the hyper heat inverter solves that problem and of course we get AC. Now I heat with the mini splits and use the wood stove on really cold days particularly if it’s cloudy.”