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Home Office Heating & Cooling

Problem: Finishing off the bonus room above a garage, but the existing HVAC system in this new home was not adequate to heat and cool the new space.

Solution: Single-zone Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat system provides an individual zone of comfort to heat and cool the newly built home office.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat for Home Office

We see this problem repeatedly, and there is no better way than ductless to solve it. Most newly-built homes utilize gas-fired high-efficiency furnaces that are installed during the original construction process. Many of these homes have an unfinished storage space above the garage, which can easily be converted into a bonus room, guest suite, or home office. Unfortunately, most conventional gas-fired furnaces that heat/cool the existing home are not designed and sized to take on extra space. Additionally, it is very difficult to properly duct and control such a “small” zone on a conventional system, without damaging the equipment. For these reasons, we have found that Hyper-Heat systems provide a great solution to heat and cool these spaces, with efficient operation for all seasons, and precision temperature control of the new living area.